Instream Leasing

Did you know that Oregon State Law requires that a water right holder beneficially use their water right at least one out of every five seasons or it could be subject to forfeiture?

HID’s Instream Lease Program offers to temporarily transfer a water rights instream for fisheries, habitat, and enhanced river flow benefits. It allows a patron who has not beneficially used all or a portion of their water rights for the past four years to protect their right by showing beneficial use. This is a temporary one-year lease. Water rights will continue to stay appurtenant to the land that it is assignedto.
HID offers this beneficial use program free of charge to its patrons. If you would like to know more about the instream lease program, please call our office at 541-567-3024 and ask to speak to Karra.
Requests for an Instream Lease should be submitted no later than May 1, 2018.

Public Notice

Water on County Roads is Prohibited per Oregon Revised Statute

Umatilla County Planning Media Release

 368.256 Creation of Road Hazard Prohibited. (1) Except as authorized by the county governing body, an owner or lawful occupant of land shall not allow:

      (a) Any water to overflow, seep or otherwise discharge from that land onto a public road under county jurisdiction including, but not limited to, water that is passing over the land, diverted from the land by an obstruction on the land, flowing from the land because of rainfall or discharged from an irrigation sprinkler or other device.

      (b) Any structure, tree, drainage way, soil deposit or other natural or man-made thing on that land to present a danger to or create a hazard for the public traveling on a public road or facilities within the right of way of the public road by obstructing, hanging over or otherwise encroaching or threatening to encroach in any manner on a public road that is under county jurisdiction.

      (2) A person is not in violation of this section if there is no reasonable method for the person to control, stop or remove the cause of the violation. [1981 c.153 §27]


Click the link below to review the entire Oregon Revised Statute 368 regarding : General Provisions for County Roads, Highways, Bridges & Ferries

April 10 Water Update

Water is on its way.

The A Line is fully charged: The A Line is the main delivery lateral that runs East to West, from Cold Springs Reservoir to Feedville Rd.

We are now flushing the Maxwell Canal. The Maxwell is our second largest delivery lateral. It runs West to East., from Feedville Rd to Ott Rd.

Westside: The H & I Lines are charged.

Eastdside: The B, G and LA Lines are charged, along with parts of the L Line. (There was a blowout on the L Line late last night. It is being repaired)

Start-Up Update 4/9/2018

Manager Kirkpatrick spent the weekend chasing tumbleweeds and keeping the A Line clear as we flushed the main line. The crew will be busy with last minute maintenance projects, burning and spraying today. We will now begin charging the rest of the system starting with the B Line. We will keep you posted as other canals and lines are charged throughout the week.


Hermiston Irrigation District plans to start charging its system on Monday, April 9, 2018 in preparation of the 2018 Irrigation Season.  It takes approximately one week to get water through the entire system.  We are no longer taking orders for new deliveries or winter maintenance repairs. If you are on a flood delivery, new schedules will be mailed out around April 1, 2018.  For questions, please contact our office at 541-567-3024.