Spring Water News


Thursday, February 21, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.

In the HID Shop Building

Annual Meeting:

This years’ annual meeting will be held February 21, 2013, at 6:00 p.m. in the Hermiston Irrigation District shop building on the corner of Hurlburt Ave. and 4th St. The meeting will include our usual beef and bean dinner followed by a presentation by Tom Demianew of the Soil and Water Conservation District, followed by a brief report on maintenance activities this past season. This will also provide an opportunity to meet your ditch riders and other District employees.

Since we will be serving a meal, we ask that you please RSVP by Friday, February 14, 2013, by either returning the attached form at the bottom of this newsletter, emailing us at hid@eoni.com or calling our office at 541-567-3024. We look forward to seeing our patrons at the annual meeting.

Water Conservation Project:

The district was able to garner enough grant funding to allow us to replace the T-Line canal with a pipeline. Currently the crew is finishing up the removal of the old cement liner and all of the trees and brush from the easement. The installation of the new PVC pipe will begin in the coming days with the project completion scheduled for early March.

Winter Maintenance:

As the start of the irrigation season rapidly approaches our crews will be out preparing the delivery system for operation. We currently have a list of items that need our attention. These range from repairing canals and pipelines to weed-rack and head-gate repair. If there are repairs needed in your area please notify us as soon as possible so that we can take care of these repairs before irrigations season.

Please keep all easements and rights-of-way clear of obstruction. The easement and rights-of-way are shared between Hermiston Irrigation District and the Bureau of Reclamation, so any gates, fences, or other encroachments require approval from Hermiston Irrigation District and the Bureau of Reclamation.

Water Rights:

It is very important that you only irrigate land with a water right. Example: If you have 10 acres of land with 5 acres of water right, a map filed with the State shows where on the 10 acres you can irrigate. You must beneficially irrigate your land at least once every five years to maintain this right. The State of Oregon Water Resource Department and the District are watching this beneficial use closely. Again, if you have questions please call the District office.

Water Orders:

Please call your ditch rider 12 hours in advance, if you will not be using your floodwater at your scheduled time. Also, if you have an emergency and have to shut off early notify the ditch rider as soon as possible, so that adjustments may be made to prevent unwanted flooding down stream. Please remember that if you have water leaving your property you are not making efficient use of it. Also, if you receive your water through a pipeline and have a pump of 5Hp or more you need to notify your ditch rider before you start up or shut down. Your use or non-use along with others may require adjustments of the canal that feeds the pipeline. As we strive to be good stewards of this precious resource, your cooperation is necessary.

Assessments & Collection Policies:

Assessments are mailed out in February and are due by March 1st. The Board of Directors has resolved to allow assessments to be paid in two payments. Under this payment arrangement, the first half of the assessment is due March 1st and, the second half may be paid by June 30th without any penalties or interest.

Any assessments not paid in full by July 1st are considered delinquent and are subject to collection procedures as follows:

March 2 HID will begin charging interest plus a $2 per month statement fee on all accounts that do not have at least the first half of the assessment paid.

July 1 HID will begin charging interest plus a $2 per month statement fee on the balance of the account.

August HID will send out Fair Debt Act Notices. Any patron in dispute must submit their dispute in writing within 30 days or the debt will be considered valid as presented.

September A Notice of Claim of Lien is filed with the Umatilla County Court. A $180 lien fee and a $15 certified letter fee is added to the account, plus any other incurred expenses.

November Delinquent accounts are presented to the Board.

December Accounts are forwarded to the District’s attorney for foreclosure proceedings as directed by the Board.

Accounts sent to the District’s Attorney for collections or foreclosure will be charged as follows: A $200 initial attorney contact charge, $150 for Title Search Request Fees, and all other costs incurred by the District. Delinquent statement charges and interest will be added accordingly.

If you are unable to pay the assessment in the timeline given, PLEASE call the Business Manager and make acceptable payment arrangements. We do not want to see anyone have to go to collections. It is costly for yourself and the District.

We now accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and Debit Cards over the phone or in person for payment on account. We do, however, charge a 3% administrative fee for each transaction.

Staff Directory

Jeremy Bolen, Manager: 541-567-3024 or 541-561-7698

Jeff Eicher, Field Manager: 541-567-3024 or 541-561-7680

Annette Rambel-Kirkpartick, Business Manager: 541-567-3024

Dawn Henderson, Customer Service Rep: 541-567-3024

Chip Brown, Rob Walls - Maintenance Crew

Wyatt Cleaver - East Side Ditch Rider: 541-561-7681

Steve Hunter - West Side Ditch Rider: 541-561-7682

Board of Directors

Michael Bergstrom, Chairman - Division 2

Len Jeppeson - Division 1

Craig Coleman - Division 3

Wesley Locke – Division 4

Charles Miller - Division 5



The Hermiston Irrigation District Board of Directors have set their regular Board meetings to be held at 4:00 p.m. on the 2nd Thursday of every month, with the exception of August which will be the 3rd Thursday, in the conference room of the Hermiston Irrigation District office located at 366 E Hurlburt Ave, Hermiston OR.

Meeting dates are for 2013 are as follows:

January 10th

July 11th

February 14th

August 15th

March 14th

September 12th

April 11th

October 10th

May 9th

November 14th

June 13th

December 12th

*Special Meeting Notices will be posted at Hermiston Irrigation District office, the Hermiston Post Office, and Hermiston Public Library



Annual Meeting Dinner RSVP


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