Maintenance Season in Full Swing

The end of irrigation season marks the beginning of maintenance season for our field crew.  You will see lots of activity at the head end of the Feed Canal as we prepare to be ready, willing and able to take water to Cold Springs Reservoir.

20161014_080709Headworks of the Feed Canal in Echo

20161014_081310Let’s Get Rolling

20161014_081719Burning, Cleaning and Reparing

20161014_085308Feed Canal heading North through Echo20161014_085330

Oregonians for Food & Shelter

About OFS

What: Our mission here at Oregonians for Food and Shelter is to provide the public with education regarding the safe usage and importance of pesticides, fertilizers and biotechnology. While it may not be easy for our members to express their stories publicly, we want to exhibit the extraordinary work these individuals put in day in and day out to produce the food and fiber we need, as well as protect us from the pests that threaten our health and property.

Who: True stewards to the environment, our farm and forest partners are professionals seeking to provide safe, high quality and affordable food and fiber products for Oregon and beyond by using all available tools judiciously and lawfully. Not only do they strive for the safety of the public, they seek to create a safe and sustainable environment.

Why?: In order to cultivate a prosperous and sustainable environment, human intervention is necessary through pesticides, and fertilizers. There are pests out there that will destroy what nature has given us and we as a society cannot allow that to happen.

We hope that you view our website as a source for solid, scientifically accurate information on crop protection products, soil nutrients, and biotechnology.

Want to learn more about Cold Springs Wildlife Refuge . . . . . .

Cold Springs Reservoir was formed when Cold Springs Wash was dammed in 1908 to provide storage for irrigation water coming down the wash and from that diverted from the Umatilla River and, occasionally, from the Columbia River.

Herbicide Treatment Scheduled for August 18, 2016

This is to provide you with notice that Hermiston Irrigation District will be applying aquatic herbicide as per NPDES Permit No. 102565. 

A Captain treatment will be applied to the following canal on:
Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Natique treatment will be applied to the following canal on:
Thursday, August 18, 2016


 If you have any questions call 541-567-3024.